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I dreamed I was on the "other side" when my Dad was passing. I spoke to him and made sure he was okay. Then I woke, and knew he was gone. 30 minutes later, we got the call from the hospital saying that his blood pressure had crashed in the last 30 minutes.

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A BTVS related story called "Long Goodbye" which deals with a member of the Watchers Council being vamped as part of an experiment.
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   Monday, March 10, 2003

The Wedding

So I was at my friends wedding on Friday. I say "friend" but as I've said in another blog entry, concerning his stag do, he's more of an acquaintance than friend.

I should start by saying I hate weddings. So it's no surprise that I didn't particularly enjoy this one. But I had as good a time as it was possible to have at an event I hated, and consuming no alchohol.

The bride and groom and their baby girl were all decked out, as the photo's will attest, I'm sure. It was also the first time I was in a church at mass, in a very very long time. It astonished me how quickly all the routine and ritual and responses came flooding back. Boy, they really must have pounded that shit into me as a child. There were plenty of jokes about satanic nature influencing itself, like "P, stick your finger in the holy water! We want to see it bubble!" or "Now when you kneel down in front of the priest, remember you're in public this time, so restrain yourself." Comparitively little guilt at the obscene humour, which was nice.

At the reception afterwards, I was far from my jovial self. Not sure if that was because of the ongoing crises in my life or from lack of drink. I'd like to think the former. H, the guy I attempted to charge on the stag do, was also in attendance. With a bit of prompting, he finally had something to say about his situation. I gave him the usual stuff about "Plenty more fish in the sea" and all that shite, but I could tell he wasn't really taking it on board. Fortunately, K had a digital photograph of JH's cousins, who'll be at her wedding next month. Two are doctors, one is a model, and they are all rich, HOT and single.

This cheered him right up.

Yet, I have to say, I saw definite sparkage between H and Rachel during the day. I think once she heard H was single again, she had mentally decided she'd have a go. From plenty of innocent body contact during the day, to asking if someone else was trying to fix Z up with him, I got the distinct impression she was gearing up to make a play. It will be interesting to see how that pans out. H. is a handsome guy, well off, owns his own house. He's quite a catch. (I say this in a manly way, you understand.)

C's girl was in a robbery during the day, turned up late as a result (surprise! she wasn't going to turn up at all) and was in even less mood to party than I was. C was very good about it. And for his trouble, had a jacket stolen that was worth about 200 dollars. Nasty.

Yet depsite my focusing on the seedier side of things, the whole day was a great success for those who really counted. I'm glad I was there. It just hasn't changed my opinion of weddings any. They suck.

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